Wherever you live on this planet, whether it is inland or coastal, each one of us is connected to the earth’s oceans in some form. Here at ‘Oceans and Seas’ we aim to provide accurate, interesting information about many topics relating to our large water areas.

With the oceans covering over 70% of the earth’s surface, for millions of years they have played vital roles in climate, providing food and potential medicines, generating oxygen, income and more. They have also been an inspiration to many artists, songwriters and musicians.

The oceans have traditional and cultural identities which are usually displayed in myths, songs, legends, art, dances, customs and our very own diet.

Our oceans have many different unique behaviours – from calm and tranquil to a raging storm. Many love the oceans and find them fascinating, others fear them for they can be kind but also very dangerous and cruel.

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Beautiful images of water and moon designed to relax the eyes. These images are from various artists from around the world.

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